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Chuck Clamping Stationary Cylinder

Chuck Clamping Stationary Cylinder

A chuck is a specialized type of clamp used to hold an object with radial symmetry, especially a cylinder. In a drill, a mill and a transmission, a chuck holds the rotating tool; in a lathe, it holds the rotating work piece.

Clamping cylinders are used as a peripheral to the chuck. They hold or clamp work pieces through clamping element which can either be pneumatically or hydraulically operated. The clamping element is swivelled out of the working area when it is inactive. They can realise very high holding forces with low energy input as per the laws of kinematics.

Clamping cylinders are therefore suitable for fast opening and closing movements of the clamping device. Because of the low permissible operating pressures in manufacturing, large cylinders are usually required to provide the necessary clamping forces. Pneumatic clamping is preferred for thin-walled work pieces as the use of compressed air can finely regulate the clamping force towards zero. The greater advantage of pneumatic clamping is that they do not require a space for hydraulic unit and also consumes less energy than that of hydraulic systems.

Shree Techno Solutions mainly manufacture clamping cylinders with two or three jaws, with and without through-hole, as well as two-jaw versions in longitudinal and transverse direction to the connection. With Great rigidity and infallible precision, our products work together with our customers to increase efficiency and productivity – always a high performance, cost-effective, and great stability.


1. Clamping pressure – 35 Kg/cm
2. Jaw Stroke –
3. Max. Clamping force -
4. Suitable for chuck dia 165 & 200 mm
5. Available in Cast Iron and Steel Body


1. Constant clamping power at the same pressure, resulting in high clamping accuracy
2. Longer actuating stroke for all standard power chucks
3. Easy integration and installation in existing machine chucks
4. Usage of stepped jaws or non-hardened attachment jaws is possible
5. Can be used universally as stationary clamping tools on special machines, drilling and milling machines
6. Specially designed to withstand high rotational speeds
7. Ideal for machining of rods and feeding material from the back (through hole)