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Servo Broaching Machine

Servo Broaching Machine

Broaching is a machining process that uses a toothed tool, called a broach, to remove material. Here the work piece is placed on top of the table and the broach is pulled through the job. The cut is performed in one pass of the broach, which makes it very efficient. These pull-down machines are capable of holding internal shapes to closer tolerances by means of locating fixtures on top of the work table.

The tonnage and the layout of these machine systems are customized based upon the required cycle time and the material handling system, which can be manual or automatic. These are also available in various versions like single station and multi-station designs in the capacities of 3 to 10 tonnes, strokes of 600 to 1200 mm, and speeds up to 12 m/min.

Our broaching machines are made of robust fabricated and stress relived structure with LM Roller Guideways, working plates and other quality critical components. We provide our customers with innovative and creative solutions and offer the right configuration of well-designed and proven broaching machines, to maximize the productivity and yield the maximum benefit on cost per piece. Our product line includes vertical internal broaching Pull type and table-up type Servo Broaching Machine.


1. Load Capacities upto 10 TON
2. Maximum Stroke 1200 mm
3. Cutting force of 10 at 4 m/min
4. Single Broaching stations
5. No pit required, easy to install
6. Broach pullers as per DIN 1418
7. Ergonomic operator platform


1. Saves power by eliminating hydraulic system
2. Variable speed and 100% position control
3. Low noise and environment friendly
4. Longer strokes in compact spaces
5. Energy consumption can be reduced upto 40%


1. Automatic Retriever cum follower
2. Touch Screen Human Machine Interface with Intelligent software
3. Digital Stroke Setting and Speed Control system
4. Automation integration for component loading and unloading
5. Auto Broach cleaning system