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Customized Gearbox

Customized Gearbox

An industrial gearbox is a system in which the mechanical energy is transferred from one device to another and is used to increase torque while reducing speed to convert energy into a compatible format. These are useful in easing out the mechanical functioning in industries and thus are an essential component in the machinery or in power transmitting applications. Some of the applications require standard reduction units while others require custom built (engineered) solutions as per requirement.

Today's industrial gears operate at faster speeds, carry greater loads and demand higher operating efficiencies than did their predecessors. Downtime is expensive, and in a competitive business environment it just doesn't pay to continue to repair a gearbox that suffers repeated failure. Often, it's a smarter decision to incorporate new technology taking advantage of the latest advances in gear technology, design and materials and use this new technology to create a better gearbox than the original.

Using cutting edge 3D CAD & Gear design software, Shree Techno Solutions can create a new custom box which is cost-effective and tailored to meet the full range of needs in diverse industrial operations. These can either be manufactured as per your current design or can also be designed by us as per your application requires. That's a much better option than using an off-the-shelf standard replacement box which is often incompatible with your current operating envelope. The extensive ranges of gearboxes includes Reduction, Overdrive, Cycloidal and PTO type gearboxes.

Each gearbox is highly efficient and reliable because they're designed and built under the highest degree of quality control to meet or exceed OEM specifications and worldwide gear standards.

When either a repair or a standard replacement box won't solve your problem, give us a call. Across the Country and throughout the world, our custom gearboxes keep the wheels of industry turning.


1. Input Power from 10 to 50 Hp
2. Reduction ratios starting from 1:2 to 200
3. Mounting options: Foot and Flange
4. Gear types – Spur, Helical and Worm & Worm Wheel
5. Output types – Co-axial, Parallel or Right-angle shaft


1. High Torque
2. Higher durability & Reliability
3. Quite & Noiseless Operation
4. Suitable for all motor & mounting types
5. Compact design for effective space utility
6. Lubricated for life
7. Impeccable sealing to avoid oil leakage
8. Cast iron body and case hardened gears
9. Completely enclosed construction to provide IP ratings
10. Tested and Inspected to provide a dynamic efficiency of around 96%